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3 Ways To Insulate Your Windows For Winter

There’s no doubt that Pittsburgh is home to stunning historic properties and beautiful natural scenery, but with these benefits come some challenges! Whether you live in an old, four-square home in the suburbs or in one of the century-old Victorian houses near the city center, the unpredictable climate and aged architecture can make sealing out the drafts in your home difficult. One of the biggest culprits of drafty rooms and uneven temperatures within local homes is the windows. In fact, inefficient, outdated windows can account for up to 30% energy loss—resulting in high utility costs and a less-than-ideal living environment.

So, what can you do to get ready for the winter season when your home’s windows are leaky, drafty, or just plain old? At West Shore, we’re a local window replacement company that understands the unique needs of those living in the Burgh, and we recommend the following tips for fixing drafty windows in your family’s home:

  • Add Weather Stripping: Old windows often lack adequate weather stripping, allowing drafts to sneak in through the sashes. With some inexpensive, V-seal weather stripping, you can easily seal-off these drafty areas while still being able to open and close your windows.
  • Apply Shrink Film: Shrink film is a popular choice for fast, cost-effective window winterizing. Using double-sided tape and plastic sheeting, you can shrink the film over the window to completely seal the interior. However, you won’t be able to use your windows with the film on, and it is important to take extra measures to avoid pulling off paint around the window.
  • Use Insulators: There are a few options out there for insulating your windows with a quick fix, including rope caulking and draft snakes. Rope caulking can be easily applied (and removed), and it molds around the window to cut down on drafts. Draft snakes consist of fabric and foam, and they work by sitting on the sill and sealing the bottom of your window.

What if Window Winterizing Just Isn’t Cutting It?

When trying to figure out how to insulate windows in Pittsburgh before the cold winds of winter hit the region, it is worth trying the inexpensive (although temporary) options suggested above. However, what if you want a more permanent fix or your DIY methods for solving drafty windows simply aren’t working? Then it is time to consider a window replacement from West Shore. We offer innovative, beautiful window styles that can be customized to suit any home. Best of all? Our windows are built to the highest energy-efficient standards—solving your home’s draft problem once and for all!

Whatever you decide to do with your home’s windows, it is important to take the steps needed to ensure that your property is protected in any season. For more information on window winterizing or to set up a free estimate for the installation of new, energy-efficient windows, just give us a call today!