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How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Windows

When choosing blinds for your home, you should weigh your individual styles and preferences against the overall look of the property itself. How do your styles match the building? How do they clash? Try to find some middle ground and identify a theme you think will work best. Additionally, don’t be afraid to consider choosing room-specific blinds if there are odd-sized windows in your home, or rooms that might call for their own stylistic approach.

Consider the style of the home.

Modern homes tend to call for more lightweight, minimalistic approaches. Use lightweight blinds that discreetly blend in to the overall design of your home. PVC and metallic vertical blinds usually work well for kitchens and bathrooms. Country homes tend to benefit from traditional wooden and fabric blinds. Roller blinds can be a great way to combine a range of styles and provide multiple decoration options.

Look at each room individually.

Have you decided yet if you want the same style of blinds in every room of your home? Does that fit your overall design scheme; does it fit the house itself? Consider having simpler blinds in bathrooms and utility-type rooms in your home to set the mood that these rooms are not to be lounged in. For your living rooms and bedrooms, consider larger, wooden blinds. These come in much more decorative options and patterns than regular PVC or aluminum blinds, and don’t have as much opportunity to collect mildew or moisture, as do blinds in bathrooms and kitchens.

Specialist blinds to the rescue.

For oddly shaped windows or creating a specific sensory effect within your home, consider having specialist blinds installed. These can be particularly handy in grand entry rooms with large skylights and huge wall-width windows. For children’s rooms, consider some blackout blinds to help the kids sleep at night during those lengthy summer days where the daylight is out past their bedtime.

General Décor Tips and Hints

Relate the styles of blinds you are considering to your wallpaper or paint color, your furniture, and general décor around the house. Use your best judgment when selecting your blinds so that you don’t end up putting a plain-Jane PVC blind in a window where a roller blind would be better suited. If it comes right down to it, try buying one each of a couple different styles of blinds and hold them up to the top of the window by hand, and see how you like each option. Just don’t forget to make sure you can return the blinds if you don’t care for them!