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Highlights from the Consumer Reports Window Buying Guide

Consumer Reports, one of the most trusted names in unbiased product reviews and ratings, has put together a comprehensive guide to buying replacement windows for your home. We’ve listed the highlights below.

Window Frames Comparison

According to the buying guide, vinyl frames windows provide homeowners with the greatest value when compared to frames made from other materials such as wood and fiberglass. “There are far better and less expensive options to be found with vinyl.”

Unlike wood frames that require continuous upkeep, vinyl windows don’t require any additional maintenance to stay in shape. Where wood frames might be susceptible to warping and rotting, vinyl frames are highly durable and resist the various harsh weather elements that can wear down a window. Non-coincidentally, West Shore exclusively provides the highest quality vinyl-framed windows to give the customer the best long term value, providing the best insulation and construction at a much lower price point than wood frames. Additionally, West Shore windows are built to last throughout all four seasons, resisting rotting and warping and making it ideal for homeowners in the mid-Atlantic region.

Glass Options For Windows

The Consumer Reports video buying guide also discusses the ideal types of glass upgrades for better insulation and value. Double-pane windows with gas inserts are an ideal start for energy efficiency and comfort. Another great upgrade that provide great value is low-e coating that helps maintain indoor climate control by keeping the outdoor elements such as heat from the sun outside of your home. When shopping for windows, the report recommends you educate yourself on technical features, such as the U-factor of the window, in order to compare the energy efficiency of different products and brands.

West Shore’s commitments to customer value continues with glass options, coming in double-pane or triple-pane with low-e coating to help help create windows that will add value to your lifestyle and your home. When it comes to efficiency and comfort, West Shore’s windows are designed to be the best on the market.

Installation For Your Windows Matters

The final, and possibly the most important words of advice offered in Consumer Reports’ window buying are that great windows are nothing without great installation. Finding the right installers is probably the most difficult consideration when it comes to window replacement because there are so many people out there who offer this type of service. Most companies use sub-contractors to do the work as a way of cutting costs, but this comes with a risk because it delegates responsibility for the quality of the job (and ultimately the windows themselves) to a third party. West Shore is one of the only window replacement companies that only uses full time, in-house installers, allowing West Shore to guarantee the quality of work and provide a lifetime warranty on every product.

Check out the Consumer Reports window buying guide for yourself here.