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As a leading remodeling company since 2006, West Shore has specialized in providing homeowners remodels that improve their lives and bring them happiness. Nowhere more important is this practice than the bathroom—which should be a sacrosanct place, designed for comfort and relaxation. We’ve seen all types of old, outdated bathrooms, from just plain ugly or seriously dysfunctional, and we’ve transformed them into beautiful, durable spaces. We back every project with our lifetime warranty, meaning you won’t have to schedule another remodel any time soon. And since all of our projects are completed by our trained, in-house installers, you’ll never have to worry about our accountability when you get a bathroom remodel from West Shore.


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the bathroom, and you shouldn’t have to be an exception. Many companies offer limited bathroom remodel services, or specialize in just one thing. At West Shore, we’re able to complete a wide variety of bathroom projects, ranging from simple shower liners to full bathroom conversions that completely transform your space. All of our shower and bath products are extremely low-maintenance, designed to resist bacteria, and crafted from highly durable materials. We also offer a variety of customization options for each project, so you can get the bathroom you’ve always wanted! Read on for a list of some of our most popular bathroom remodeling projects.


Is your shower starting to chip, crack, or fade? If so, it might be time to consider a shower remodel. Our high quality shower remodel materials are made from 100% non-porous acrylic infused with SilverShield™ technology that resists bacteria and other microbes—including mold and mildew—guaranteeing you maximum hygiene. As part of your remodel, we can also add any custom features you feel may have been missing from your shower experience—we customize everything for you! And since we back up our showers with a lifetime warranty, you’ll be sure to never have to perform another remodel on that shower again, permanently eliminating that headache from your life.


When your bathtub isn’t working for you, it can truly impact your enjoyment of your day and overall happiness. Whether it’s chipped, dented, fading, or truly malfunctioning, a bathtub remodel from West Shore is guaranteed to provide you with a state-of-the-art bathing system that will last for a lifetime. In fact, we back that claim up with an unbeatable lifetime warranty. With a freshly remodeled bathtub from us, you’ll truly enjoy bathing once again. And with our incredible acrylic technology, we guarantee it’ll also be the easiest to clean and maintain bathtub you’ve ever had!


Bathing with limited mobility doesn’t have to be a challenge when you request a walk-in tub from West Shore. Instead of having to step over a high and potentially unsafe bathtub wall, you will be able to simply open the door to get into your new tub. We also outfit our walk-in tubs with plenty of customizable safety options such as grab bars to make sure that you have the comfortable, secure bathing experience you deserve. When bathing becomes a difficulty, don’t give up—just give us a quick call to see how we can help you!


Are you finding that you tend to not even use your tub at all? If you’ve got a shower-tub combo that you always end up standing in, your bathroom could potentially benefit from a tub to shower conversion. We will replace your outdated tub fixture with a sleek, modern shower built exactly to your specifications. Built from the finest non-porous acrylic, our shower bases and wall systems are also designed to never chip, crack or peel. We guarantee that you’ll love your new shower for many years to come, which is why we back it up with a lifetime warranty.


Interested in restyling your bathroom? At West Shore, we believe in transparency, which is why we offer free project estimates before you have to commit to anything. If you’re spending every day in the bathroom avoiding certain spots or you can’t remember the last time you used your tub, there’s no reason to delay an upgrade to your life! Whether you already know what bathroom solution is right for you or you want to discuss your options, just give us a call. You can also fill out our quick online quote form to get started!

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